Our intuition

The idea of combining cheese & jam springs from the research for traditional flavours that Gildo and Cristina have undertaken travelling the roads of Umbria, where they live in their farm, Poggio delle Ginestre, located in a particular area near the border between Tuscany and high Latium.
The many dairy factories present in their area and the genuineness of their cheeses, stimulated their experiments in combining cheese with the products of their garden.

Poggio delle Ginestre farm

The farm's production concentrates mainly on special jams and preserves, deriving from a careful selection of ingredients to be combined with the traditional flavours of Italian cuisine. The union of unusual flavours has resulted in unexpectedly tasty and successful combinations.
Also "classic" jams and marmalades are produced in Poggio delle Ginestre farm, enhancing the flavours and the sweetness of our ripe seasonal fruit, cropped and transformed immediately.

Care for the environment

The Poggio delle Ginestre has nature at heart, because from it it receives precious raw materials for the realization of its exquisite jams. For this reason, the Agricultural Company is committed to reducing its impact on the ecosystem, eliminating any disposable plastic element from the production chain, adopting agricultural practices based on the principle of the circular economy, choosing a highly recyclable glass packaging and Favini ecological paper, obtained from grape residues.